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Is Aluminum Toxicity driving memory loss and Alzheimers?

Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust. It is abundant in the soil, water and air particles. Acidic rain increases the amount that is leached into our water supplies. Aluminum is an abundant element in dirt. It is found naturally in nearly all foods and herbs. Herb companies, knowing how much aluminum a pure herb should contain, can use a laboratory measure of aluminum content to indicate how clean the plant especially root material is extra dirt would add to the aluminum content. Aluminum is not a “heavy metal.” It is used in industry where economy, stength and light weight are needed for example aircraft parts and beer cans, etc. Minutia amounts of aluminum are needed in the brain to activate vital enzyme systems and regulate hormones, It may even play a role in protein synthesis. There is a distinctive differences between the organic and inorganic forms of aluminum.

As we know June’s Alzheimer Awareness month I feel obligated to cover this and other Neurodeneratives before I publish on optimizing cognitive output. What is exactly causing the the epidemic to where as every 65 secs someone in the U.S are developing symptoms of Alzheimers or Parkinsons? The answer may be more prevelant than we think and we use this light weight metal daily. Alzheimer’s disease, or senile dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, will be one of America’s greatest health problems in the coming years. Sixty percent of patients now admitted to nursing homes have this diagnosis, and the number of Alzheimer’s victims is projected to increase as much as eight-fold by the middle of the next century.

There’s an article I published that shows how this one herb in particular has been shown to detox the brain from light metals such as aluminum and you can find it here The Bapoca Input. #Biohacking

Aluminum and it’s presence is ubiquitous, from eating utensils to hygiene products and possibility in the air we breath and all of this could be contributing a role into Alzheimers. We all know how the Blood Brain Barrier works right? [BBB] It’s made up of Enthothelial Cells and allows esoteric properties to pass such as water, fat-soulable molecules and gases in addition to priority transport of molecules such as Amino Acids and Glucose of which that are crucial for healthy neuronal function. Since Aluminum is small enough to pass through, the Blood Brain Barrier [BBB] doesn’t cease the intrusion possibly leading to build up within the gray brain matter.

There are strong correlations between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.  There is  research that clearly demonstrates abnormally high accumulations of aluminum within the brains of Alzheimer’s victims. Various independent studies performed in Norway, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, show a direct correlation between the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum concentrations in the drinking water. In fact, one British study reported in the highly respected medical journal  ‘ The Lancet ‘ showed the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease to be fifty percent greater where drinking water contained high levels of aluminum.

“…… aluminum has been known as a neurotoxic substance for nearly a century there’s scientific literature on its toxic effects has now grown to a critical mass. It is not necessary to conclude that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease to recommend that it be reduced or eliminated as a potential risk. It is the only element noted to accumulate in the tangle-bearing neurons characteristic of the disease and is also found in elevated amounts in four regions of the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.” – Dr. Micheal A. Wiener 1993.

There’s evidence that suggests that continuous exposure to low levels of Aluminum may lead to neurological and cognitive deficits. Due to the brain being a highly compartmentalized organ the co-locality of metabolic errors rather than a single event may be essential to precipitate a neural deficit. Aluminum toxicity also comes with symptoms such as dysfunction within both Kidney’s and the Liver. For women it carries a xenoestrogenic effect which is linked to Breast Cancer. Minimal exposure to aluminum isn’t a problem our bodies can excrete small amounts very efficiently. Laboratory research has shown that we can handle about twenty milligrams of aluminum ingestion each day, Unfortunately, most of us are exposed to and ingest far more aluminum than our bodies can handle due to the physical environment and location.

To take some preventative measures there’s a couple ways to reduce the amount of Aluminum in your body, The basic Colon cleanse, Avoid products with Aluminum and Antacids.



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