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The Black Conservative


They’re resilient, They’re unwavering, They’re purveyors of truth. They carry a willpower unorthodox to the mainstream and behold a idyllic relation with God, The Black Conservative. The Black Converatives has made a subtle and timely resurgence since the it’s decline after the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s This resurgence of unique free-thinkers, face and battle onslaught of defamatory and racial animus simply for upholding an opposing view.

Martin Luther King Jr

The Black Conservative upholds an unusual vitality and resolve for the transgressions within their community, thus the Black Liberal is absent. The Black Conservative is empathic and shares compassion for it’s radicalized counterpart, whom shames, denounces, threatens, and wishes death upon, The Black Liberal. The Black Conservative nullifies all forms of racism for it mere subectivism. The Black Conserative recognizes the nexus between the rooted beliefs carried by the Black Liberal and their Democratic handlers. The Black Conservative stands acendent in reverent awe, whenever the narrative of their opposition collapses and fails to remunerate.

The Black Conservative is familiar with what drives them, facts, statistics, narrative and history for their community are manipulated with ease and purpose. The Black Conservative is ambiguous and insightful in nature, this antagonizes the endeavor of Psyops and subversive tactics hedged by medias of opposition. The Black Conservative understances the boundaries and parameters of morality, what is ethical, what is conventional and what’s malleable with truth. The Black Consersative realizes their Black Liberal counterparts aren’t inherently evil, but are primed and subverted and hath so much understanding of which isn’t known to be true.

The Black Conservative knows the disadvantages of inoculating fellow Blacks with truth for the possibility of it leading to unbridgeable friendships, relationships and marriages. This does not the slow the ambition of the Black Conservative, for the Black Conservative is resilient.

Civil Rights Movement – AARP

The Black community accommodates 12.3% of the United States of the population with a projection of agglomeration to 17.9% by year 2060. This is revelant because because 84% of the 12.3% are Black Liberal, this displays the much effort needed by the Black Conservative to flip the balance of corruption, crime, abortion and policy put forth by Democratic super incumbents endorsed by the Black Liberal.

The Black Conservative strikes fear in the hearts of the Democratic handlers for they knoweth their time is nigh.

Devon UI

I’m a Biohacker | Psychologist | Bibliophile, My insight’s are derived from deep Biblical and Scientific analyses—Politics are fun too.

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