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The flexitarian Input

The premise of the Flexitarianism is plant based input with the occasional serving of poultry , this is deal for individuals whom are having symptoms of Hypothyroidism. The symptoms of Hypothyroidism include inability to adapt to cold temperatures, chronic fatigue, constipation then there’s weight gain. Other more noticeable symptoms are the swelling of the goiter ( enlarged thyroid glands ) both arms and legs.
Hypothyroidism is the result of an under active thyroid gland that is producing an insuffient amount of thyroid stimulating hormone, this suppresses the growth of the intellectual development of children as well. The usual counterpoise to Hypothyroidism is the result of iodine defiency subsequently leading to a endocrine disorder. The endocrine system is responsible for the consistency of chemical messenging and hormones being routed to the circulatory system for distribution and targeted toward their distant organs. In cases where the iodine deficit isn’t the cause, the diagnosis most likely is the auto-immune precursor which Hashimoto Thyroitis which is more likely to be genetically influenced gradual degradation of the Thyroid Gland where treatments would have to involve radioactive isotopes of iodine or contraceptives such as Levothyroxine, confirmations of either are done through blood tests.

E11CAD49-23C3-4D06-95C0-855F8ACCAD06This is where the input of Flexitarianism becomes relevant, 1/3 of the worlds population and ten countries where iodine isn’t prevalent in the soil, possess symptoms of Hypothyroidism, meaning they’re also at a iodine deficit. Giving purpose to 86% of the population having access iodized salts. Iodine is also found in poultry were it’s ideal for those whom are also trying to avoid a spike in blood pressure, individuals with Hypothyroidism because the dosage of iodine is typically 150mcg. The Flexitarian input is primilary vegetarian for “ semi-vegetarian “ hence it’s flexible because of the addition of poultry of your leisure. The Flexitarian input also can serve as a excellent input for weight loss, type two diabetes as well as lowering blood pressure.

The Thyroid Gland also has a plethora of functionality that plays proprietary role, such as having raising over all level of cellular activity which is the metabolic rate. It does this by increasing the number of energy units known as the mitochondria, it also regulates the blood glucose and accelerates the fat metabolism all the while functioning as the temperate control through the brain’s hypothalamus.

All these pay omage to the Flexitarian input.


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