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How The Future Proves Past.

‘ Past, Present and Future is only an illusion, however persistent ‘ – Albert Einstein.

Understanding the fundamentals of how the future actually influence the past and how the past influences the future touches up on Causality loops, the E8 crystal and Simulation Theory.

The psychology of ‘ future proves past ‘ is the ability to substend future and prophecy with historical relics and yesteryear. Intelligence is the gathering of raw data via open source or covertly, that data is then converted into an assets which then allows you to construct projection and estimates with precision. When you begin to subsend and bridge your data with history, you create a causality loop of intel. Causality loops can be explained as a sequence of frames measured at a Plank’s unit of time which is [10*40] shorter than a second, the sequence always and subsuqently leading you back into the initial frame. Past, present and future all exist in the very same space, for there’s nothing new under the sun.

Brian Green breaks it down for us;

’ What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun ‘ – Ecclesiastes 1:9

Thanks to causality loops the ubiquity of information can’t be any more rudimentary with plentiful application, after all it makes up our very reality. Reality is information for you can derive meaning and what is meaning? Meaning is comparison thus we unconsciously render visual data and search for a correlation, from then meaning becomes subjective and requires choice. A example you’re able to bring about meaning as simple as a geometrical shape, say a tetrahedron with each end to end being the length of one plank which serves as a single pixel of reality. A better example is how Q emphasizes ‘ their need for symbolism will be their downfall ‘ this is truth to power.

‘ everything has meaning ‘ – Q


The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasps only at the furthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols ‘ – Carl Jung

This is brings us into the Simulation Theory, this is the hypothesis that reality is simulated. A German Physcist named Werner Heisenberg played a role into perpetuating the simulation hypothesis with his matrix theory with his first equations within the field quantum mechanics, he also devised the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle which has a nice chapter in Stephen Hawking’s book “ A Brief Moment in Time “ but I’ve digressed. He came to the realization that space and time were pixelated into 3D divisible plank length units, Sort of like how you can see the individual pixels playing the old school Super Mario Land on Gameboy color.

A theoretical Physcist by the name of Sylvester James Gates came to the realization through is diligence striving to understand the cosmos are sets of equations, within those equations are code. He discovered the same code that drives your search engine and browsers are embedded within the universe, it’s called the “ Block Linear Self Dual Error Correcting. “

’ it’s bizzare you find that when you try and understand these photos you then find computer code, so now I’m left with the puzzle whether I live in the matrix or not. ‘ 

‘ computer code… strings and bits of 1’s and 0’s – Sylvester James Gates.

All of this is revelant as well as relative, it suggests that the future is consistently influencing the past, the past in always influencing the future, through meaning and meaning being a comparison, how could we ever discern and make practical decisions without this ability? We call this free-will or non-determinism, reality won’t exist until you observe it. The double slit experiment proves reality doesn’t exist until it’s observed because of the behavior of the electron once it’s observed.

Reality also comes in the form of truth, or being red-pilled. This is also how Q is so sure of the great awakening, for the sheep are waking and they can observe reality. From darkness to light.






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