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The Bapoca Monnerri Input.

The Bapoca Input, Bapoca Monnerri the water Hyssop named after the supreme god “ Brahmi “ a powerful adaptogen with a consortium of benefits for the mind and body, having measureable impact on physiological and toxicological properities. the milleu of the nootropic phytochemical found within Bapoca primarily derives of Triperpenoid Saponins called ‘Bacosides. ‘

In a 2007 study at Texas AM university found that Bapoca reduced amyloid deposits in mice with Alzheimers comparable to the drug imipramines. The amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer’s are denoted as (36-43) amino acids and these peptides are derived from amyloid precursor protein (APP) which is then cleaved by beta-secetase and gamma secetase to yield (AB) these amyloid begin to aggregate to firm flexible and soluble oligmers which exist in variety, it’s believed that misfolded oligomers known “ seeds “ can induce other amyloid molecules to take on the misfolded character thus leading to a chain reaction event of misfiled oligomers, which evidence has shown us that oligomers are toxic to nerve cells. Proteins like Tau also form such prion-like misfolded oligomers giving credance that misfolded amyloid induces the tau protein to misfold.

Aka “ Brahmi “

Since 45% Baposide or 300mg is the standard dosage, there is no evidence that the suggests the daily use of Bapoca is toxic or even in higher than standard dosage. A couple of defining characteristics of Bapoca is it’s monoamine potentiation the network of neurons that utilize monoamine neurotransmitters and then gets involved with them upregulation of cognitive performance involving, working memory, arousal and emotion. Monoamine then aids with secretion of neurotrophic-3 astrocytes a chemical that maintains neuronal integrity and provides trophic protection for neurons.  The two active components baposides A and baposides B improve the electrical impulses between neurons in the brain and aid in repairing damaged neuron resulting in enchanced learning, verbal fluency promoting less anxiety, lower heart rates while heightening focus and drive.

The effects of stress on the brain results in structural damage, researchers at Berkeley found evidence this is true. Chronic stress also damages neural networks and various proteins are over expressed then direct damage to the neurons is the end result. Chronic stress reduces the capacity of memory, weaker signals and poor cognitation these conditions lead to intermittent tramission of signals between neurons effectively as  result of this all neural networks suffer.

Your brain is protected by what is called “ heat-shock protein “ 70 (Hsp70), cytochrome enzymes EROD and PROD, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Hsp70 helps proteins in cells retain normal structure so they remain functional. EROD (7-ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase) and PROD (7-pentoxyresorufin-O-dealkylase) are detox enzymes. They protect your brain by converting bad toxins into less harmful compound then SOD battles the destructive free radicals called superoxides SOD then converts them into harmless organic compounds. Bapocas effect on Hsp70 is preventive since this enzyme is more prevelant under stress in all regions of the brain also acting as a protective feature.

The best way to dose Bapoca is capsule form with food, something high in fat hence it’s a fat-soluble Ayurvedic Herb, from 150mg-300mg for the duration of 12 weeks.

Bapoca Monnerri

Research shows that Bapoca Monnerri will also protect the brain from one of the most ubiquitous of all light weight metals that may be the main influencer behind Alzheimer’s surging symptoms up to 60% by preventing the build up of toxins in neurons preventing sustainable damage to the hippocampus the area of the brain that’s critical for neurogensis, learning, memory and over all cognitive performance, that are harmful including aluminum we have more on the effects of aluminum in a prior post. Is Aluminum Toxicity driving memory loss and Alzheimer’s? #Bio-Hacking #AwarenessMonth


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