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The influence of Symbolism


‘ Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. ‘ – Confucius.

What’s the meaning behind your favorite logo, tattoo? Have you ever a collective thought on how that logo or tattoo has you feeling everytime you perceived it? Are they complexed patterns or information fields and what did the author behind your favorite  symbol want you to feel or perceive?

The use of symbolism dates back to antiquity lets go 100,000 years into the continent of Africa est population being 10,000 people with tribes ranging from 20-30 all jockeying for land and fighting off predators, one tribe in particular called the Himba, they’ve developed a technology called Red Ocher Blocks that was inscribed with patterns that served as a symbol which marked territory and property also covering themselves with Red Ocher Paint and designing their hair unique drawings on their skin, keeping them distinguished from neighboring tribes.


Symbolism takes on meaning in arrangement, systems of belief, gestures, ideas, context and circumstances that form the setting. Humans do think symbolically which is done through the right hemisphere of the brain, which function being comprehending the relationships between physical objects, such as how the parts of an object relate to a whole object, or how one thought expands into a complete idea. It is busy seeing patterns and the way processes relate to one another. In a literary sense symbolism can be seen as opposing aspects of a tall tale, or linear narrative being weaved and threaded together to bring about a coherent whole which then adds intellectual dept and stimulates emotional resonance, thus deriving meaning. The way you begin the perceive and think about the symbol dictates its influence on you, in the form of ….. Vibrations. Yes, sounds strange. All you inspire to be all you fear to be or may occur, carries symbolism along with it. This is why the author and the history of author behind the symbol is important to all symbols that exist, how they felt and the meaning behind it will dictate your mood and your psyche. Which Vibration was I referring to? Energy and frequencies.


If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ‘ – Nikola Tesla

Now that you can see that Symbols and Vibration or synonymous, what is the history? When you see the “ Swastika “ representing the Socialist regime of Germany you think about the most the terrible event in human history, before it was appropriated it actually was a symbol of Eurasia (Southeast Asia that included parts of Europe ) called a Sanskrit and still to this day remains a symbol of spirituality and divinity. The perception of which disclosing its meaning, the best way to manipulate and distort.

Information is the precursor to meaning, meaning will come as symbolism. Which way will you perceive? A simple observation of your reality and furthering your understanding into vibration could hold the answer, I’m going to show you how with a few compelling examples, the first of which being a rewind to my prior post on how the “ future proves the past “ which is in parallel to this one. How The Future Proves Past. #Psychology #QAnon following up will be music, What symbolism can be extracted from your favorite lyric then how does the symbol manipulate your perception? Is it optimistism or pessimistic? What about the symbolic frequency and the vibration of simple words? This this Masaru Emoto’s Rice experiment, This is show and proof that simple words carry a vibration that will manipulate you for the better or for the worse depending on the author. When you observe the video it’s important to remember the average amount of water in the humans body at any giving time correlating to age is 55%-78% the amount of Blood Plasma flowing through your veins is only 8% meaning your blood is 92% water.

Would it be safe to assume symbols speak to your subconscious? Absolutely, information fields constantly are taken in unvetted, visual and beyond the thresholds of your audio perception and the affect they have on you, are product of your reality.

The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasps only at the furthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols ‘ – Carl Jung

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