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Who knew Ketosis and the beauty input would be so closely related? I have a prior article on Ketosis which you will see the correlations after reading this article, you can find it here  Ketosis, a true human superpower. #Biohacking #Psychology. This article will serve as a schematic on what you can do reach celebrity tier beauty.

The DHT inhibitory properties of Saw Palmetto, DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a steroid hormone and a androgen, byproduct of testosterone and plays a influential role in hairloss. It inhibits and reduces the proper growth of hair in the follicles in a process called miniaturization thus affecting genetically-succeptable hair follicles resulting in lighter finer strands of hair. DHT it’s self then attaches to receptor cells of the of follicles called the ‘ Dermal Padilla’s ‘ or the root preventing necessary nourishment like fats and proteins from getting through which your hair needs fo sustainable growth. This is important to know because it also disclose the amount of testosterone that is present in your body along with compelling symptoms of which being excess body hair mainly facial, ache, balding, decreased breast size increase of muscle mass and enlarging of the clitoris. All of these are symptomatic of a significant rise of testosterone thus supplementing with Saw Palmetto will treat and possibly reverse all of  these symptoms.

One of the popular of beauty supplements would be biotin, But it seems Biotin need a little assistance. Biotin is a B7 water soluble vitamin that is naturally occurring with intestinal bacteria that is believed to be stored within the mitochondria of the skin cells and also carries really obvious signs of deficits a few being conjunctivitis, eczema, Leiner disease ( a systematic skin disorder ) research suggests that Biotin plays a role in the synthesis of fatty acids and activating an enzyme called “ Acetyl-coA-carboxlase “ which assembles the building blocks for fatty-acid production. Dysfunctions in the metabolism of fatty acids have been inked to insuffient amounts of biotin and appears to be the primary cause for complications of the skin, fatty acids are needed for maintenance of cell functionality through out the body thus depending on the production of fatty acids for additional protection against elemental exposure. Biotin’s helper would be a trace mineral called “ Manganese. “

The enzymes that are activated with the presence of manganese have been shown to assist in wound healing and the formation of collegen one of the enzymes in particular is called “ proline “ this amino acid is essential for the growth of new collegen within skin cells thus adding to a synthesis of something called “ glycosaminoglycan “ driving my manganese activated glycosyltransferase which may infact play a huge role in wound healing and the growth of new collegen. Another interesting amino assisting in this beautifying input would be “ L-Lysine “ which actually depends upon the growth of collegen. This amino isn’t naturally synthesized by the body so you’ll have to attain via diet or supplementation. The role L-Lysine plays is “ proteingenosis “ ( capable of the biosynthesis of protein ) while crosslinking collegen peptides and the uptake of all the essential minerals and the production of carnitine which is key in the fatty acid metabolism. Carnitine will also help optimize blood flow while accerlating fatty-acid metabolism. I have a few insights on the use of L-Carnitine in a prior post as well. My self experiment using CLA (Feat) insights on L-Carnitine. #Bio-Hacking

Saw-Palmetto, L-lysine, Biotin and Manganese can all be supplemented synergistically and responsibly dosages of Biotin in particular and range from 5000-10,000 IUs.


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