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The power of the MC1R gene. (Melanin)

’ Then the Lord formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being ‘ Genesis 2:7

The MC1R Gene know as Melanin, unique like no other and most prevelant amongst the Africans and the Black American but is found in all humans on earth co-existing with plant-life and animals. But it seems Melanin carries a plethora of functionality that does a lot more than just contribute to pigmentation, almost….. Super-natural. This post and Sustaining your awakening. #Biohacking #Psychology are heavily related.

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There exists correlations that go unseen to the practical and ordinary observer, The parallels between plant life and humans for example, Chlorophyll and Melanin. Both possess powerful anti-microbial properties both are anti-oxidants and both favored between race and species. When exposed to electromagnetic radiation the trapping of light is key for the event of photosynthesis, this initates photoreceptor molecules which allows the trapping of photons. Plants use Chlorophyll to absorb radiation and transform it over to chemical energy in the form of glucose.

Melanin reacts to electromagnetic radiation the same way only on a much larger scale thousands of times more so than Chlorophll except the results aren’t chemical energy instead when photons pass through the epidermis, they’re trapped by the Melanin which leads to photoreceptor shielding, thermoregulation, photoprotection, camoflouge and display coloring then also begins to elimate free-radicals by taking on the role of a powerful anti-oxidant. When it comes to Ultra-Violent rays they’re taken in homogenized then evenly despersed with cells around it then gradually used in the body, sort of like a Solar Panel. The process behind this is called “ Melanogenesis “ the proliferation melanin pigments produced by cells called “ Melanocytes “ which are the dendritic cells of the neuroectoderm are derivatives of the “ Melanoblasts “ which are unpigmented that originate from embryonic neural crest cells. These blasts migrate to all regions of the body become “ Melanocytes “ as well as cells of the peripheral nervous system a higher over all density of melanin results in the darker the skin complexion.

So not only is  “ Melanogenesis “ generating melanin but it’s also supercharging melanin… The same way Superman regains his strength from the sun absorbing all of the blue light from the electromagnetic  spectrum.

If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. – John 15:19

Melanin is present in all key areas of the brain and is actually and has been related to memory and overall cognitation, The non-essential amino “ L-Tyrosine “ this induces melanosome synthesis and upplays tyrosinase activity and is a precursor of Melanin through various biochemical pathways and intermediate molecules. This amino supports the production of the neurotransmitter Dopamine the reward and feel-good transmitter, But not just from L-Tyrosine but also from L-Phenylalanine. So the production of Melanin can be bolstered through sunlight exposure and flexitarian diet? Yes. Melanin the original nootropic? But not only through diet, but there’s frequency and meditation that also brings you into melanogenesis as well.

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Earlier said, Melanin’s anti-microbial properties similar to Chlorophll but mightier, new  research is showing skin with a higher melanin density provided greater protection against disease and pathogens than skin that isn’t dense in melanin and fair in complexion it’s been shown that when there’s a denser presence there’s more of an ability to inhibit the proliferation of fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. The photoprotective properties of melanization protects from UVB rays and melanomas which there’s a much lower risk of developing in respect to individuals that are lot more fair in complexion. In Melanin dense individuals skins cells have been observed to repair it’s self leaving them 50 times less likely to develop melanoma while supporting the immune system.

Are these the people of the Golden Race? Science has suggested.


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