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Equality is pure evil

For whosoever hath; to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not—from him shall be taken away even that he hath. – Matthew 13:12

When we’re hear about Equality it’s reference to everyone no matter their race or gender is treated equality and no one is superior nor inferior to another—that’s just it. We can all agree on all of us having equal opportunities and being treated fairly despite race or sexual orientation but it’s the outcome of which that’s rarely discussed nor the amount of unique Equity each individual carries distinctly. Equity is the amount of contribution that would be needed for an individual to be equivalent with society—or how much society as a whole has to be de-fragmented into order to fit the customs of the it’s lower strata. Best examples of this are always found in history in the 20th century actually, It’s only killed about 200,000,000 people.229CF4C1-D199-405F-89B9-A144B834DD1C

During the Boshivik Revolution—Ukraine’s system of agricultural production is paternalistic, when bureaucrats constantly intruded into the production process. Such a strategy may have suited the planned economy, but in Ukraine’s market economy it has only spawned widespread corruption, because authorities cannot inspect every farm and business in person. EU standards allow producers more leeway in this regard, but this implies more responsibilities—A single mother of four children couldn’t simply head out to the fields and pick the remains of wheat that wasn’t harvested without turning it in to the Government, she would be charged with a federal crime simply for being such a pauper that she’s unable to provide for her children.B9829F9D-AB99-40FB-A273-FCEE1441F52D

This is called the Matthew Effect; Duely named after a book in the Old Testament this effect describes the phenomenon that in societies—where the rich will begin to get accumulate wealth and get richer and potent even more powerful. The poor will only get poorer exponentially—- for some reason the poor always somehow blame the rich for their poverty even while this principal has been dictated in the Bible it’s self as well as scientifically.  It is closely related to the concept of preferential attachment in network science, where the more connected nodes are destined to acquire many more links in the future than the auxiliary nodes.

Cumulative advantage and success-breads-success also both describe the fact that advantage tends to beget further advantage—the concept is behind the many power laws and scaling behaviour in empirical data; and it is at the heart of self-organization across social and natural sciences. Reviewing the methodology for measuring preferential attachment in empirical data—as well as the observations of the Matthew Effect in patterns of scientific collaboration, socio-technical and biological networks, the propagation of citations, the emergence of scientific progress and the implications, career longevity, the evolution of common English words and phrases, as well as in education and brain development—we also discuss whether the Matthew Effect is due to chance or optimization; for example related to homophily in social systems or efficacy in technological systems.

In 1903 the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party assembles at a congress in Brussels, and then moves under police pressure to London. Lenin and Trotsky are both present. It is evident that their journalism has borne fruit – nearly all the delegates declare themselves in agreement with the policies of Iskra.

Nevertheless one significant split emerges; on the issue of membership of the party. Lenin and the majority want it limited to activists. A minority, which at this stage includes Trotsky, would prefer to involve a broader range of supporters. The issue, with its implications of purity versus compromise, grows subsequently into a significant split.
The two groups within the party derive their names from this London disagreement. Those who agree with Lenin and the majority become known as the Bolsheviks (from bolshoi, meaning ‘large’); the minority are correspondingly the Mensheviks (menshe, smaller).

By 1917 the disagreement between the two factions reaches the level of armed warfare, but even as early as 1905 they are so estranged that they hold their congress in separate places—the Bolsheviks in London and the Mensheviks in Geneva in that year revolution suddenly erupts in Russia—but not as a result of Bolshevik or Menshevik prompting. It is more a spontaneous series of events, aggravated by Russia’s disastrous showing in her far-eastern war against Japan; prior to this Russia had actually suffered many defeats by Japan. The revolution that spawned from this and under the rule of Joseph Stalin resulted in 20,000,000 deaths.

DA1AF246-5937-4BE3-A450-84306D2E6049Remember Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward?— between 1958 and 1962 it was a social-economical campaign by the Communist party of China. This was a wreckless endeavor to translate the Agrarian economy into a Socialist utopia through rapid industrialization and agricultural collectivization which subsequently lead to a great famine—the campaign had eliminated private farming. Through public struggle sessions and social pressures few would breach the legislation of private farming and end up persecuted and labeled counter-revolutionaries. This resulted into 58,000,000 deaths in China—Equity and Equlity of the outcome didn’t work out so well for China. 513F7602-D2FE-4D28-B6B7-9312141B59C4 Milton Friedman once asked that same question: “ Has socialism failed because its good qualities were perverted by evil men who got in charge? “

40-70 million killed; China under Chairman Mao—Single Party Socialism.  1958-61 “The Great Leap Forward”.

20 million killed. USSR under Joseph “Socialism In One Country” Stalin.  1936-52 “The Great Purge”.

40 million killed. USSR under all other leaders.

4 million killed. Cambodia under Pol Pot; Communist.  1975-79.

1.6 million murdered; 4 million killed in hard labor; North Korea under Kim Il Sung—Independent socialist State.

1.15 million killed; Yugoslavia under Josip ” Socialist Federation President” Tito.  1945-65.

1 million total killed—Ethiopia under Menghistu; Communist.  1975-1978 “The Red Terror.”

1 million killed; Indonesia under Suharto—Communist. 1966.

1 million killed from genocide; this does not include war casualties—Afghanistan under Brezhnev—Communist.  1979 – 1981.

800,000 killed.  Rwanda under Jean Kambanda; 1994–Socialist.


Why did Lucifer refuse to prostrate before Adam and God? He was made of fire and Adam was made from clay—he felt superior to Adam and equal to God. This is one of the reasons he’s regarded as the King of Pride and subsequently stripped of this title as second in command. What was Satan’s equity? 


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“Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982” by M. Hassan Kaka

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